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Q    What is home staging?
A    Home Staging is the process by which a home is prepared for a specific event such as the sale of the home (lived in or vacant), an open house showing, holidays and events.  Home staging can also be done to update various rooms or an entire home. 

Q    I'm thinking of selling my home.  Why should I have it staged?
A    Homes that are staged sell faster and for more money than homes that are not staged. 

Q    If my home is for sale and I'm still living there, can it be staged?
A    Certainly.  Many things can be done to change the look of your home to make it more appealing to buyers.  Most of the changes require little or no money.  If you have a budget for moderate updating, the changes can be even more dramatic.

Q    Can you provide staging for a home I've already moved out of?
A    Yes.  We stage key areas to give the home a more lived-in look.  This helps buyers envision themselves in the home.

Q    I want to hold an open house to show my home to potential buyers.  Can staging be provided for that?
A    Staging for open house events is definitely recommended.  We help you prepare your home, both inside and out for your guests.  We even have decorator items that we can bring in to ensure your home looks it's best for the event.

Q    If I need changes to my home that require a contractor, can The Staging Tailor recommend one?
A    Yes.  We work with reputable contractors and can provide recommendations for work completed both inside and outside your home.

Q    I want to update an area in my home.  Can you help me decide on room arrangement and decorations?
A    Yes.  Room makeovers are our specialty.  You provide us with your overall vision and tell us your budget, and we make the rest easy.  We can do as much or as little as you would like on the actual makeover.  This enables you to use your budget more efficiently.

Q    I'm hosting a party at my home and I'm concerned about the areas the guests will be using.  I want to be sure I the rooms are set up to accommodate guest traffic flow and mixing.  Can you help me with the planning and decorating?
A    We understand the complexities of entertaining and can help you to get the best use from your available space.  We can help plan and set up the food areas as well as the mixing areas.  If you have special decorating needs, we can assist with that as well.            

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